Daily Science Fiction Publishes “What Could Be” by S. Qiouyi Lu

My mother was from the sea, raised by the Pacific Ocean that laps at both China and the United States.

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Clarkesworld 131 Cover

Clarkesworld Publishes “The Stone Weta” by Octavia Cade

In winter, the mountain stone weta crawls into crevices, into cracks in the stone and it squats there, waiting.

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Flash Fiction Online June 2017 Cover

Flash Fiction Online Publishes “Water like Air” by Lora Gray

She begins in the pond at the edge of Tom Hatcher’s cornfield, where the stalks drag needy fingers across a summer moon.

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Gamut 4 Cover

Gamut Publishes “Vector” by S. Qiouyi Lu

The crows spoke with the voices of dead children.

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Uncanny 15 Cover

Uncanny Publishes “An Abundance of Fish” by S. Qiouyi Lu

Spring festival, before the fish arrive: Teresa Teng croons from the radio; I hum along as I hang paper decorations, the reds and golds bright against our cream-colored walls.

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Anathema 1 Cover

Anathema Publishes “A Complex Filament of Light” by S. Qiouyi Lu

After winter, spring in Antarctica is almost pleasant, most days just barely below freezing.

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Respectable Horror Cover

Fox Spirit Books Publishes “Little Beast” by Octavia Cade in Respectable Horror

“Daddy,” says the little beast. “Come look at me in the mirror.”

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Flash Fiction Online March 2017 Cover

Flash Fiction Online Publishes “Dos and Don’ts” by Paul DesCombaz

Do watch eight-year-old Esme as she comes across a small house made of sticks in her backyard.

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Fly Swatter Banner

DarkFuse Publishes “Fly Swatter” by Jon Lasser

Karla unwrapped the big plastic fly and set it in the center of the board, like the Fly Swatter game box instructed.

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