Reckoning Publishes “Civitas Sylvatica” by Cae Hawksmoor

December 23, 2016 | Publications

Reckoning 1 Cover


I hope you read this. I know we did not part well. Prexim says that your lungs are bad enough to confine you to the arboretum. I hope you’re not climbing the walls like a penned animal. I suspect it is a vain hope, but it’s my hope all the same.

Is it true that you finally managed to get one of the lacrimosia to take? You devil. I’d give my right arm to know how you managed to pull that one off. I’d give my left to see it bloom.

“Civitas Sylvatica” is now free to read online in issue 1 of Reckoning. Feel free to send comments to Cae via Twitter.